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Botly FAQs

Your Answers to Common Queries

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Frequently Asked Questions

Botly 2.0 - Chat Interface

What is Botly?

Botly is an AI chatbot for OnlyFans creators. Originally, Botly was a Chrome extension - you can find it here:

Since March 2024, Botly 2.0 became the primary interface to use the AI. While the extension is still available, we suggest all customers use the new chat interface.

Can I now use Botly like a NSFW ChatGPT?

Yes! Botly has sent over 1M+ chats on behalf of OnlyFans creators, agencies and chatters - allowing it to be the perfect candidate for an OnlyFans GPT.

Not only can you chat faster, you can run mockup conversations with your chatters - or employ Botly to do everyday tasks in your role. Whether you're on OnlyFans or not, you can now use Botly!

How much does Botly cost?

Botly is priced at $15/month per creator.

Botly 1.0 - Chrome Extension

How does the Botly Chrome extension work?

Simply add Botly as an extension on Google Chrome, then open OnlyFans.

Botly runs off its own large language model, trained for OnlyFans creators to make great use of. With over 75k+ new data entries a month, we’re only getting better and better.

Is Botly safe to use?

Yes! Even though OnlyFans doesn't explicitly promote themselves as a platform that promotes third-party extensions, you can rest assured that Botly will keep you safe from potential bans or restrictions.

All of our integrations have been developed following core guidelines and thorough testing processes.

Can I use the extension on platforms other than OnlyFans?

If you're using Fanvue, Fansly or others - you will be unable to access the extension for Botly as it is an integration only available to OnlyFans based customers.

Having issues? Contact Us

If you've followed the steps above and still encounter the "Incorrect Creator" issue, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

To get in touch with us:

  1. Visit the Botly support website (

  2. Click on the Chat bubble in the bottom left of the window.

  3. Select "Messages" and then "Send us a message"

  4. Follow the prompts to lodge your support ticket.

For any additional questions or concerns about Botly, please explore our frequently asked questions (FAQs) or contact us directly at [email protected].

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